European Etiquettes

Whether good or bad – everyone has manners. But where are our manners? How they have evolved over the centuries? And how it was actually with etiquette? These questions will be answered by the Focke-Museum in Bremen (Germany), covering stories of decency and morality of seven centuries European etiquettes. Exciting and entertaining, it shows the development of our manners since the Middle Ages. In addition to important paintings and prints, photographs and precious silver work, there are numerous familiar from everyday objects. All these objects tell stories about the origins and manifestations of social rules and taboos, the pursuit of self-pleasing, of deference and distance loss of sensitivity and rudeness of embarrassment and their lustful transgression but also by mechanisms of social exclusion. literature on the table etiquette culture to behaviour in public space and the cultivation of bad manners, she tells entertaining stories of decency and morality of seven centuries.