Emperor Maximilian and the Triumphal Procession

Many of the most important works created for the propaganda and in memory of Maximilian I (1459-1519) are preserved in the Albertina. These include works of Albrecht Dürer (1471-1528), but also the extraordinary Triumphal Procession of Albrecht Altdorfer (1480-1538) and his workshop, which will form the core of the exhibit in Vienna. Of the original 109 large-sized parchment sheets with flamboyantly colourful representations of riders, magnificent chariots and landsknechts, sheets 49 to 109 are preseved in the Albertina and, compiled as a frieze, amount to a length of more than 54 metres. In addition to this unique work, other important imperial commissions are presented, such as the monumental woodcut Arch of Honor and the book projects Theuerdank, Weisskunig and Freydal, which are very closely intertwined with one another in terms of form and ideas. In addition to many other themes, the exhibition presents the art from the time of Maximilian with numerous examples from the internal collection, complemented by important loans.