Dürer as Illustrator

The year 1511 marks a highlight of German book illustration. In 1511, Albrecht Dürer published four extraordinary book projects: the “kleinePassion”, the “große Passion”, the “Marienleben” and the second edition of the “Apokalypse”. Taking up to this anniversary 500 years ago, the exhibition in the museum Otto Schäfer in Schweinfurt will give a perspective over the illustrations of this famous Nuernberg master, starting with the early masterpieces for various book printers from Basle to his late work on art theory. This also includes the broadsheets created by Dürer, such as the famous “Rhinozeros”. The illustrated book ­ central medium of the Renaissance – was familiar to Dürer from childhood on. Anton Koberger, his godfather, was one of the most important printers and publishers of that time. Michael Wolgemut, Dürers teacher, created various book illustrations. Therefore, in Dürers printed graphics the book art stands right at the centre. The exhibition presents all of Dürers book projects, mostly in the first issue of the Collection and the Library Otto Schäfer.