Baroque Theater on Tour

“Magic of the Theatre–Baroque Stage Technology in Europe” is the title of a travelling exhibition that tours along the European Route of Historic Theatres. The exhibition focuses on the Baroque stage machinery that was the standard equipment for theatres throughout Europe for almost 300 years, until the end of the 19th century. Its main effect is to change the entire decoration on stage in a matter of seconds – by using only hemp ropes, wooden carriages, drums and rolls. But there are also flying machines, heavens of clouds, the ocean with its waves, and much more, all moving across the stage as if guided by ghosts. Thunder, rain, and wind, produced by baroque sound machines, add the necessary sound track. A highlight: the effects are not only properly explained, the visitor can also try them out himself. Finally the exhibition presents those historic theatres in Europe where the baroque stage machinery has been preserved till today.