Alexander as Pharao

The Athena of Myron is one of the oldest artworks of the Liebieghaus in Frankfurt. established in 1909, the Athena not only survived the Second World War, but also the city planning of the sixties. the statuu is a Roman copy of the Greek original, made around 450 BC. One of the most spectacular statues, however, is Alexander as Pharao from about 300 BC. Subsequent to the exhibition Gods in Color – Sculpture in Classical Antiquity, our holdings of Egyptian, Greek and Roman sculpture will be shown in an entirely new setting. The small yet exquisite collection of Egyptian art will be presented in a larger room and thus be enhanced. The room devoted to Greek art will highlight the famed Frankfurt group of the Muses and also display the replication of a small antique graveyard. In the large room showcasing Roman sculpture, the precious Roman replica of the world-famous Myronian Athena will take center stage, and there will also be the imitation of a Roman forum site. The sculptures will appear in a new light, thanks to new equipment comprising computer-operated ceiling lighting and a multitude of innovative LED spots, while the three-dimensional impression of marble sculptures will be augmented through Mediterranean wall colors. The new set up of this splendid museum is introduced at internet: