America’s National Churchill Museum

America’s National Churchill Museum is located on the campus of Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri. The museum is the site where Winston Churchill gave his famous Iron Curtain speech on 5 March 1946. This speech actually marked the beginning of the Cold War. A short summary of the speech and its most famous phrase reads … Read more » “America’s National Churchill Museum”

The Darkest Hour

The new film Darkest Hour is  devoted to Winston Churchill’s first month as prime minister in May 1940 and accurately depicts the fierce resistance on the part of many Tories, most of the aristocracy and business leaders to the elevation of Churchill. They rejected the defiance of Churchill as bad for (financial) business, irresponsible and … Read more » “The Darkest Hour”

The Forgotten War

Most people memorize the First World War or The Great War (1914-1918) because of the trenches in France and Belgium, the Dardanelles in Turkey (1915), the first use of tanks, gas, airplanes and U-boats and the fall of European empires. Many citizens of the British Commonwealth fought and died throughout Europe, Japanese and American soldiers … Read more » “The Forgotten War”

The Brave World of Churchill

“When I awoke on the morning of Sunday, the 22nd, the news was brought to me of Hitler’s invasion of Russia. I had not the slightest doubt where our duty and policy lay. The Nazi regime is indistinguishable from the worst features of Communism. It excels all forms of human wickedness in the efficiency of … Read more » “The Brave World of Churchill”

The Duel of Painters

Madame Tussaud decided to give Adolf Hitler a face in the new exhibition in Berlin. Hitler will appear together with 75 other historical figures. The return of the dictator, who left Berlin and a continent in ruins, will be less violent than his farewell suicide, his hateful testimony and his disastrous legacy. Hitler will not … Read more » “The Duel of Painters”