European Union, Churchill and Brexit

After forty years of ambivalence Britain has decided to leave the European Union. Whether Churchill-who has been dead more than fifty years-would agree with this decision is impossible to say, and we should not try. But what is clear is that the European Union that now exists is not the one that Churchill dreamt of, being more federal, more bureaucratic and less democratic. If modern day federalists wish to claim Churchill for their cause, Felix Klos´s careful, fair and scrupulous book will not assist them (Felix Klos, Churchill´s last Stand: The Struggle to Unite Europe, 2017). History can help us understand Churchill´s views on his own times, and there are principles to be gleaned to guide us today. That is the role of history. But the decisions we make today are ones for us. (R. Courts, ´European Unity´, in Finest Hour, Spring 2018, No. 180).