The Next 100 Years

It is unreasonable to talk of Europe as if it were one entity. It is not, in spite of the existence of the European Union, a free trade zone and a European currency. Europe consists of a series of sovereign and contentious nation-states. The European Union, which emerged from the European Economic Community (1957), is … Read more » “The Next 100 Years”

The Rickety EU

The EU is in a truly terrible state. In French politics the situation is even worse than usual. In Germany, the left-wing federalist fanatic Martin Schulz is climbing in the polls. In Poland, the goverment is much more worried about the security relation with Russia than keeping Brussels happy. A stroppy Hungarian government is also at odds with … Read more » “The Rickety EU”

Guilt and Atonement

Nowhere are people more afraid of history repeating itself than in Germany, where atonement is one of the driving forces of politics. Its shaky intelligent services, its acceptance of over one million refugees, its commitment to open borders, even the entire euro project: all of them are meant to contain, neutralise and atone. The nation … Read more » “Guilt and Atonement”

The Atlantic Community

It is a remarkable comment on our affairs that the former Prime Minister of a great sovereign state should thus be received as an honorary citizen of another. I say “great sovereign  state” with design and emphasis, for I reject the view that Britain and the Commonwealth should now be relegated to a tame and … Read more » “The Atlantic Community”

Late Antiquity

Many belief that shadows similar to those of their own times had come to fall over the last centuries of the Roman Empire, as a result of the military and social crisis that set in after the year 200 AD. There was life after the 3rd century; and this life came to bear the name … Read more » “Late Antiquity”

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