The World’s oldest working Planetarium

Else Eisinga was born in a small Frisian village in 1744. He worked from early age on the the wool combing business of his father and he became himself a true master of this craft, and even won an international prize in 1820. That is not why he is still well known however. His self-study … Read more » “The World’s oldest working Planetarium”

Centuries of Jewish European History

Cemeteries are like an open history book. One of the oldest cemeteries in The Netherlands, leaving aside churches as places of burial, is the Portuguese Jewish cemetery at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, a village close to Amsterdam. The cemetery dates from 1614, when two Jewish communities from Amsterdam purchased a farmstead on which stood a … Read more » “Centuries of Jewish European History”

We are all Europeans

On September 19, 1991, two hikers found a human corpse along the Italian-Austrian border in the Ötztalalps. The story of Ötzi has begun. The hikers thought the body to be a victim of a recent mountaineering accident. The authorities opened a criminal proceeding and an enquiry into the identity of the body on September 20 … Read more » “We are all Europeans”

Theatrum Mundi

The first European book with pictures and text as methodology for education was written by Jan Amos Comenius (Komenský in Czech, 1592-1670). With this book he sought to champion for world peace through education by combining visualization and texts. The title of the book, orbis sensualium pictus, means the visible world. By the time of publication in 1658, ten years after … Read more » “Theatrum Mundi”

Ancient Theatre and Society

Architectural development and buildings are the best witnesses of (political) history and development of societies. Dictatorships, revolutions, monarchies and republican city-states left their marks. Although theatres rarely topples governments or incites in such direct action, like in Brussels in 1830, the theatre shifts attitudes, articulates discontent and reflects the (political and social)) mood of a nation. Internet and social … Read more » “Ancient Theatre and Society”

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