Das Siemens Mosaik

Das Rheinische Landesmuseum Trier besitzt die bedeutendste Sammlung römischer Mosaiken nördlich der Alpen. 21 Mosaike werden gezeigt, aber mehr als 110 Mosaike hat das Museum  dazu noch geborgen. Diese Sammlung entwickelte sich im Laufe des neunzehnten Jahrhunderts. In der Zeit um die Jahrhunderte wächst die Sammlung durch zufällige Neufunde durch Grabungen und gelegentlich gezielte Forschungen.. … Read more » “Das Siemens Mosaik”

Theatrum Mundi

The first European book with pictures and text as methodology for education was written by Jan Amos Comenius (Komenský in Czech, 1592-1670). With this book he sought to champion for world peace through education by combining visualization and texts. The title of the book, orbis sensualium pictus, means the visible world. By the time of publication in 1658, ten years after … Read more » “Theatrum Mundi”

Ancient Theatre and Society

Architectural development and buildings are the best witnesses of (political) history and development of societies. Dictatorships, revolutions, monarchies and republican city-states left their marks. Although theatres rarely topples governments or incites in such direct action, like in Brussels in 1830, the theatre shifts attitudes, articulates discontent and reflects the (political and social)) mood of a nation. Internet and social … Read more » “Ancient Theatre and Society”

The Eternal Virtual city

The legacy of ancient Rome has fuelled imaginations for generations with the desire to reconstruct not only the events and spaces of the eternal city but also to recapture the essence of the city at its height. Emperor August championed Rome as the symbolic representation of his power and that of the empire he ruled. … Read more » “The Eternal Virtual city”

Their Best Man

When the Peloponnesian War (431-404) started, Pericles had been Athen’s leading statesman for over twenty years. This war was a debacle for Athens and Greece however.  The Peloponnesian War was to Greek history what the First World War was to Europe. The First World War resulted in the collapse of four empires (the Ottoman, German, … Read more » “Their Best Man”

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