Merkel befehl, wir folgen

Berlaymont Building, the office of the German (and Dutch) government. Photo: Wikipedia.

German and Dutch media and politicians make a fool of British citizens, who voted to leave the European Union and laugh about the so-called political chaos and uncertainty in Great Britain after the government decided to honour the brave outcome of the referendum. The Dutch government and establishment simply ignore the outcomes of referenda and even abolish this  (new) institute, because they don´t like the outcomes.  In 2005, almost 62% of voters (around 70% voted) rejected further EU-integration and the same number rejected the association agreement with the Ukraine in 2016, as even more citizens reject membership of ever more Balkan and other notorious corrupt and criminal countries. The introduction of the euro has never been a topic in elections and was suddenly a fact. The Dutch Prime Minister and the establishment systematically lie, cheat and deceive the citizens about the European Union, the ill-fated, failed and disastrous euro and the wide open borders, a heaven for (organized) crime. It is just the beginning of the show of the Great Europeans however. They will not rest until they have destroyed nation-states, the Ukraine has joined the European Union and Dutch pension funds will support French, Spanish and Italian treasuries, out of solidarity and European brotherhoods, that goes without saying. The alternative is war between France and Germany.

The situation in Germany is hardly any better. Mrs. Merkel is the trademark of opportunism, lust for power, mismanagement and careers of party apparatchiks, bureaucrats, petits méchants and parvenus. Merkels merits: the ill fated and opportunistic ´Energiewende´, Dieselgate and protection of the criminal German car industry, illegal toll system, systematic ignorance of euro rules and support of the illegal bail-out funds and illegal money scheme of the ECB, negligence of ´Dublin´rules by a stroke of the pen, this list is endless, all without alternative, so she says. Merkel not only betrays the German people and constitution, but even her own party and voters. The notoriously corrupt and nepotistic Herr Schulz, a parvenu, bookseller and failed mayor of a small provincial town, becomes the Secretary of State at the service of foreign powers, the European Commission, France and Italy.

Great Britain and Amerika show relatively well functioning democracies and media, although hysterical Remainers do all they can to keep Great-Britain in the ever closer, ever corrupter and ever larger megalomaniac European Union and its wide open borders, (organized) crime, absurd subsidy system (75% of the EU-budget), overpaid, overstaffed and biased Eurocracy, the principle of pacta non sunt servanda and systematic ignorance of (European) law, just because it serves trade (so they say). You don´t hear Remainers about the deplorable state of the European Union, its democracy and rule of law, if any, let alone reform of this bloc, because there is and will be none, just the total European Union.

Trade is as old as the ways to and from Rome and this customs union and internal market are not indispensable for trade, as around 150 nation-states all over the globe show, from New-Zealand to Switzerland or Chili, nor can one (Great Britain) be half pregnant or half member of this bloc. The European Union is a clear and present danger for democracy, rule of law, free market, free trade, good government, stability and social cohesion and this organisation is not able and willing to reform itself. It is like East-Germany in October 1989. What will be left of the so-called economic recovery when the ECB put an end to the illegal and lawless money scheme and interest policy, at the service of The City, Goldman Sachs, Italy, France and Spain ?

Germany, The Netherlands and the European Union are not democracies, but their parliaments and media are cemeteries of (parliamentarian) debate, public opinion and discussion. The present German coalition is a shame and shows the ruthlessness, opportunism and lust for power of former communist Mrs. Merkel. Wollt ihr die totale Union, is the question German citizens have to ask themselves. This time they (still) have the opportunity to halt a new coup d´état by their leaders or (Ver) Führers.