European separatism

Neville Chamberlain (1869-1940), Heston Aerodrome, 30 September 1938. Photo: Wikipedia

Brexit is hated by the presidents of the European Union (there are five, chosen by horse-trading) and self-proclaimed Great Europeans. They regard this democratic movement of self-determination un-European, populistic and out of date. A look and jump back in time and ill motivated nostalgia can indeed hamper progress and prevent modernisation. Above separatism is a progressive move however, rejecting dogmatic, undemocratic, protectionist, centralized, corrupt and old fashioned systems of European government, thinking and acting. Great Britain has always fulfilled EU-obligations and implemented EU-laws, respected treaties, the rule of law and the free market. Above all, it is a democracy. The heated debates about Brexit, its coverage by the media and the fate of political careers are the proof of the pudding.

The EU, Germany and the Netherlands show a different picture however. One may even speak of European, German and Dutch separatism from modern government, democracy, rule of law, pacta sunt servanda and free market economic and monetary policies. Discussions about the EU are ´not done´ and media act, like the Financial Times, as representatives and press officers  of the European Commission. The euro, the open borders without any adequate control, the (politically) corrupt, overpaid, overstaffed and privileged eurocracy, the Balkan policy 1991-1999, the dissolution of democracy and systematic negligence of the rule of law are their biggest crimes.

France, Spain, Greece and Italy have never been loyal members of the European Union and systematically ignore, neglect and frustrate European law where- and whenever they can. They live separated from the EU in fact as well. That is the true reason of Brexit: the malfunctioning, arbitrareness, and  ambitions of this European Union, the eurocracy, the absence of any serious reform and the institutionalised negligence of democracy, the free market and the rule of law.

Brexit shows, that it was easier to leave the former Soviet-Union bloc in 1989 than to leave the European Union bloc today. The EU is in a dire and hopeless state and not Great Britain (nor Switzerland or Norway for example) and the democratic, monetary, economic, social, legal and moral morass gets deeper and deeper. Wollt ihr die totale Union, immer vorwärts Genossen, the new generation of Great Europeans replaces International Socialism by European Federalism, Deutschland über Alles by European Union über Alles and monetary, economic, political facts and centuries old (cultural) history by ambitions, wishful thinking, lucrative jobs and prestige, without alternative, that goes without saying. The EU is the new communism with a human face (for the time being).

Dutch separatism is a good starter. The self-proclaimed legal capital of the world is not just the biggest European producer of narcotics, organised crime is in the winning mood as well. The Dutch government, loudly applauded by the establishment, also abolishes democratic institutions, such as referendums, because the citizens rejected by overwhelming majorities the ill fated European policy of the government. The referendums were simply ignored (2005 and 2016). It is perhaps against the Spanish constitution to proclaim the independence of a province after a referendum,  but the abolishment of referendums because of their results is appalling and against the spirit of the constitution. It resembles a coup d´etat by the establishment. The establishment also separates from traditional Dutch economic and monetary policies and embraces the Italian, Spanish and French monetary and economic concepts nowadays, ever more eurocracy and institutions, ever more and socialisation of debts, the transfer union and Eurobonds (they call it European Stability Mechanism and ECB), manipulation of the value of the euro, illegal state financing, the illegal money scheme and the politically motivated interest policy of the ECB and ever more subsidies (75% EU-budget) and European interference. The Eurozone is in fact the new Comecon, an economy and monetary system manipulated and subsidized by the ECB and the European Commission. They call it economic recovery. The Dutch establishment couldn´t care less, as long as they get their lucrative and prestigious (European) jobs. The brown and dark past of the Dutch Supreme Court, the present-day corruption of some of its members and the notoriously corrupt Ministry of Justice fit into this picture of opportunism, cowardice, oligarchic egoism and corruption à la néerlandaise. Appareances are rather deceptive in the Polder.

Germany did also separate from the EU. The criminal Dieselgate scandal (the European Commission doesn´t take any action after interference by Mrs. Merkel), the illegal German toll system (by agreement with the evident corrupt European Commission and Herr Selmayr), infamous Gazprom and Nordstream deals (supervised by former Chancellor Herr Schröder), frustrating EU-energy policy, the breach of Schengen and Dublin treaties, the notorious polluting German (brown) coal and car industry, illegal states aid , unilateral cancellation of nuclear energy policy, the list is endless. The corruption and nepotism of Herr Schulz in his former capacity of ´president´ of the European parliament, the practices of Herr Selmayr, the German CDU-powerbroker of the European Commission, the conflict of interests of Herr Andreas Schwab, CDU-member of the European Parliament, representing the interests of big German publishing firms (and sponsors of the CDU) before the European Commission  by abusing European competition law, exclusively against tax law obeying big American publishers and businesses. The European Commission doesn´t take any action against German (Volkswagen) and French firms, which do exactly the same in Ireland, Luxembourg (tax rulings issued by Juncker) and the Netherlands.

The European Union files complaints against Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia, which rightly resist the policy of forced deportation of peoples throughout the European Union,  a communist practice. There is no law that entitles the European Commission to deport people against their will to countries that don’t want to let them in. The European Commission is silent about the systematic breach of euro rules and states aid by Italy and France, Dieselgate, Gazprom/Nordstream and toll system in Germany and the dissolution of democratic institutions in the Netherlands however.  The imperial Court of Justice of the European Union is just the guardian of the European federal ideology and does not serve the law, but this political agenda.

This European Union is a lawless bloc and an Animal Farm of eurocrats and their national patronage systems. Trade is not a creation of the EU, but as old and as diverse, global and European as the many ways to and from Rome, Asia, the Orient, Africa and far beyond. It is a shame that a trading nation such as Great Britain has to beg for a trade deal with a protectionist and bankrupt bloc.  Nor did the EU bring, keep or make peace on the continent. America, Great Britain and Canada did in 1945, NATO and America in particular until 1989 and afterwards, for example in 1995 and 1999.

The Great Europeans and their media are masters of propaganda and fake news. They are the charlatans and false prophets. They promise rose gardens, where there are none, but mass unemployment, sky high debts, infamous hazardous murderous deals with war lords and dictatorships and negligence of the rule of law, democracy and pacta sunt servanda. This EU and its eurocracy, the Court of Justice of the European Union and the ECB  are out of date and separated from the law, democracy, monetary and economic principles and fundamental values. Eurocrats don´t have to fear parliamentary debates or for their (political) careers however as is the case in Great Britain. Parliamentary and public debates about Brexit in Holland and Germany are absent or completely biased. The Brexit process shows the weakness of the EU and the eurozone: it is easy to get in, but almost impossible to get out. Organized crime acts not that differently, just a bit more physically.