A European disaster called Merkel

Portrait of Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694), unknown artist. His father was also a Lutheran pastor in present-day East Germany. He wrote down the principle of pacta sunt servanda in De Jure Naturae Et Gentium (Law of Nature and Nations), 1688, Photo: Wikipedia.

The true legacy of the German Chancellor Merkel can be seen in the lawless centres  of many German cities, urban decay and impoverishment throughout  the country and systematic ignorance of European and international treaties and obligations. The evidently illegal German toll system, Dieselgate and the protection of the (criminal) German car industry, the ignorance and negligence of ´Dublin´, the systematic breach of euro rules (to please France and Italy, also through the illegal and criminal money printing scheme and interest policy of the ECB), the negligence of Nato-obligations,  the cancellation of contracts with energy suppliers as a result of the opportunistic ´Energiewende´, the hazardous, reckless and anti-Polish Nordstream project, the lack of will and courage to reform the EU (agricultural) subsidy system, the open door policy, the ´French´ European Commission, the wandering European parliament (which is neither European, nor a parliament, nor representative) and the numerous EU-institutions, the immoral and illegal deportation of people across the EU and above all the betrayal of German CDU-voters are just a few examples of Merkel’s law.

Samuel Pufendorf (1632-1694) was truly a (Great) European, working and studying all over Europe, long before the EU came into existence, like trading, working, studying and travelling abroad are centuries old European facts. His father was also a Lutheran pastor in a city in East-Germany, like the father of Merkel, but Pufendorf never accepted the dogmatism of the theological university in his days, contrary to former communist Merkel, who stilll rules by dogmatic points of view. Pufendorf wrote down the principles of international law and the old Roman law of pacta sunt servanda, a contradictio in terminis for Merkel and the EU. They wrote down the dogmata of ´alternativlos´ and the total European Union. Countries or citizens who don´t agree with their policy are to be punished and are mad and stupid anyway.

Germany is still not a functioning democracy. It is a shame that Merkel leads a government of the big losers of the elections. The losers control the ministries that matter and they actually govern the country. Nevertheless, a large majority of 97% of the delegates at the CDU-congress agreed with this betrayal by the ´alternativlos´ leader, like they applauded 11 minutes in 2015 at the same occasion for the same leader. The record in North-Korea is just 9 minutes.  It just shows the fragility of German democracy, Merkel befehl, wir folgen. German (and Dutch) mainstream media make a fool of Brexiteers and the intense parliamentary and public Brexit discussion in the UK however. The EU is simply ignored in German (and Dutch) elections and media, just to include the Brussels dictate of Mr. Juncker and Herr Schulz into the programme of the SPD-government of Mrs. Merkel afterwards.

It is also evident that Merkel is behind the coup d´etat of Juncker and herr Selmayr, the German power broker, political friend and German lobbyist within the European Commission, like CDU-member Andreas Schwab represents in the European Parliament and before the European Commission the interests of the biggest sponsors of the CDU-party. Merkel systematically uses the same method when the protection of the (criminal) German car industry and Dieselgate, the German toll system, the breach of the Dublin Treaty, Nordstream (and its high ranking German connections with the Kremlin, the true Russian gate), the dogmatic and arbitrary Brexit dictate (France and Italy have Rosinenpickerei as accepted policy for decades and function in fact outside the EU-legal framwork) or the systematic ignorance of euro-rules are concerned. Merkel makes a call to Juncker and the issue is settled, like Draghi executes his illegal and criminal system of financing Italy, France, Portugal, Greece and Spain with consent of Juncker and Merkel, supported by the biased Court of Justice of the European Union and the europarliamentary applaus machine, ´alternativlos´, that goes without saying.

German citizens are for obvious reasons not keen on political experiments, but sticking to a politician who not only betrays the principles of her own political party, but who also systematically ignores, neglects and frustrates (European and German) laws and provokes other EU-countries (except France) by unilateral decisions is hazardous, dangerous and lawless and leads to (political) extremism. Merkel is not a Great European, nor a great politician, but a dogmatic mediocre technocrat with a communist past, functioning within a German political system of apparatchiks and political party bureaucrats. It also characterizes her German policy: lack of reforms, stagnation, opportunism and lust for power. Merkel wants her place as Great European however, whatever the democratic, financial, moral, social and legal costs. The world already undergoes the ugly consequences of the Obama-show in terms of victorious dictatorships and terrorism, German and other European citizens face a democratic, monetary, social and economic Verelendung on their own continent by the Merkel show. Merkel is a eurocommunist, from International Socialism until 1989 to the other nightmare of European Federalism nowadays.