A European disaster called Merkel

The true legacy of the German Chancellor Merkel can be seen in the lawless centres  of many German cities, urban decay and impoverishment throughout  the country and systematic ignorance of European and international treaties and obligations. The evidently illegal German toll system, Dieselgate and the protection of the (criminal) German car industry, the ignorance and negligence of ´Dublin´, … Read more » “A European disaster called Merkel”

An Oligarchic Narcostate in the Northsea Region

The Swiss government declared after the referendum (9 February 2014), that the referendum  law must without question take effect, although only 50.3% said yes to stop unrestricted immigration from EU-countries. While there may be a certain flexibility in its application, the government cannot do anything it wants. If the citizen cannot rely on the fact that results of a vote … Read more » “An Oligarchic Narcostate in the Northsea Region”

Merkel befehl, wir folgen

German and Dutch media and politicians make a fool of British citizens, who voted to leave the European Union and laugh about the so-called political chaos and uncertainty in Great Britain after the government decided to honour the brave outcome of the referendum. The Dutch government and establishment simply ignore the outcomes of referenda and even abolish this  … Read more » “Merkel befehl, wir folgen”

European separatism

Brexit is hated by the presidents of the European Union (there are five, chosen by horse-trading) and self-proclaimed Great Europeans. They regard this democratic movement of self-determination un-European, populistic and out of date. A look and jump back in time and ill motivated nostalgia can indeed hamper progress and prevent modernisation. Above separatism is a progressive … Read more » “European separatism”

The Power of Images

The discovery of a bust of Julius Caesar by French archeologists  at the bottom of the Rhône brings into prominence the power of images and propaganda during the last days of the Roman Republic and the beginning of the Empire. This bust does not correspond with the approximately 25 busts of Caesar known from the Augustan … Read more » “The Power of Images”

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